Artist Statement

Gerri Feldman  BFA, MAT, MSW

I was born and raised in New York City. I grew up loving art museums and spent hours as a child taking the bus to visit the galleries to draw from them. Art ignited my curiosity and passion from early life.

I left NY to study Art at URI Fine Arts Program and fell in love with the beauty of Rhode Island. It became my home. I spent many years as an Art teacher at Tiverton High school, and later art coordinator for the Program. I also worked as a cohort for RISD and RI College supervising their graduate students in Art education. I have exhibited my work in galleries and juried shows, and had several solo shows.

Art is about connection and beauty and story. I tend to work in a series. I loved my surroundings, the marshes, the ocean, the woods, the gardens.

My work is a combination of looking outward but always an inner dialogue. I love “plein air” because I love experiencing the weather the color, the smells, and sounds. It excites all my senses. When I am painting I am always in a state of awe and gratitude. Such a pure experience. Painting has been part of my journey through this life. Putting my work out there on this website, I hope to impart the process of the journey.